The objectives of Intimire are connected with the evolution in the strict CE regulation and standard for fire retardant products:
                   - the regulations for materials used in railway transport: ST EN 45545
                   - the novel standards of upholstered furniture: norm NF D 60013
                   - the evolution of the automotive fire test standard FMVSS 302.
Intumescent back coating
Contribution to standards
Fibres and bicomponent fibres
Development of intumescent concept for textiles applications
Next Meeting
July 5th, 2011
to Brussels
Product developed :
- Filters for air engine and air conditionning
- Seat for upholstery fabrics
- Covering , panels for railways
- Element of seat for railways application
Preservation of environment and human health
Intumescent textiles structures
The project started on January 19th, 2010.
The duration of Intimire is three years.
Copyright 2010 ENSAIT
New standards to achieve :
 Textiles materials :
- Fire resistant
- Flame resistant
- No dripping
- No smoking
- No toxic product
- released during the combustion
Poject supported by European Commission under 7th Framework Programme
Project n° 243556-2